A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be- Anonymous

Today I was looking at quotes and that is one that really stuck out to me! So I decided that today I am going to talk about happiness. Happiness is one of the easiest emotions to feel, but it is also one of the hardest emotions to maintain.

I feel like personally, this year, I’ve totally let other people drain me! I think that this has made my life not as great, and I’m so ready to change that this year. I’m learning that our true happiness comes from Christ, and outside influences should not impact our lives in any way other than positive ways and ways that help us grow as people.

To manage your happiness, the first thing I am going to recommend is turning towards Christ. Whenever you are feeling sad, you can pray or read your Bible to get your mind off of whatever is going on in your life.

I also strongly suggest talking to a parent or friend. Talk to people who really care about you, and people who genuinely want the best for you.  You don’t have to only go to trusted people when you are upset Talk to people about anything! I’m learning that you can’t solve your problems by shutting everyone out. Being alone isn’t a way to become happier- being alone and antisocial just makes you think about your problems more.

Reach out to others and ask them to hang out! Most of the time, they won’t turn you down. Also, if they don’t want to hang out for some reason then they for sure don’t deserve to be in your life.

Do things that you enjoy! Life is boring when you just go to school, go home, take a nap, and eat food. Have passions, have goals, have a purpose. What do you like to do in your free time? Maybe it’s drawing, working out, or blogging ( like me hehe ) Also, don’t be afraid of your passions. Having a passion doesn’t make you weird. Even if you are weird, who cares? Live your own life. Don’t live for other people. Live for God alone.

Life is about your mindset. Find the good in every situation. Be the good in every situation. Positive people make a positive world, just remember that.  SO drink your water, do your thing, and live for Christ. It’s really a piece of cake once you get it down. Put a smile on your face and conquer the world- Cami



Life Update!

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have officially done a life update soooo that’s what I’m doing today! School starting again has me totally wiped out, mostly because I stay up until like 12 every night hahaha. I haven’t exactly fallen back into the school routine yet… but that’s okay! I have a problem with that… my after school routine is make lunch from 11:45-12:30 ish. Then, I just sit around and watch Youtube videos for a little bit. It’s pretty great. After that, I work on my online classes for a couple of hours. Online school can be pretty boring, but oh well I like doing schoolwork from home!

It is the nicest thing ever to only go to school half day! I get to blog as much as I want, I can clean the house, and keep up on my Netflix shows haha! It isn’t for everyone, but it is the best situation for me at this time.

Anyways, after dinner I do my homework for actual school, and then I work out. By this time, it is usually 10:30-11ish. I like to work out right before I go to bed because that’s when I have the most energy for some reason haha! Weird, right?

My main goals in life right now are to get a job ( if you know anyone I can work for let me know ) and to get my permit. I have totally been slacking in those departments, so it is time haha! I also have been working on my cooking skills a lot. Next week I might do a blog about some of my favorite healthy meals to make, because I feel like that would be a ton of fun!

I’m mostly just trying to get through this quarter of school, because Spring Break is coming up, whewww. I’m so excited to be sitting on the beach instead of at my desk haha! I really don’t like Winter, so it’ll be nice to escape the snow for a while!

Nothing big is really going on in life right now! Everything is going well. My skin is clear, the grades are pretty good, and I’ve been reading some really cool psychology books lately ( for some reason I’m obsessed with psychology, I don’t know why. )

I also am going to start blogging daily, which will be a big commitment haha but I’m so excited! Hopefully I come up with some really good content for you guys! I can’t wait to take this blog to the next level. I’ll also be working with some more small companies, so get ready to see some awesome and environmental friendly products! So that’s where this blog is headed! Have a great evening everyone. – Cami


10 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys! So the title is pretty self explanatory! Here’s ten things you probably didn’t know about me!

1- I am a really disorganized person

Anyone who has known me for a while knows I’m super disorganized. My room is almost always a mess, my locker is a black hole, and my life is always a little bit chaotic! Where ever I go or stay, I always seem to leave a trail of clutter behind me haha!

2- I’m obsessed with Spotify

I mean, let’s be real, who isn’t obsessed with Spotify? I have a playlist for literally every event, and I’m constantly playing music. Sometimes I think I should become a DJ hahaha!

3- I’m a total bookworm

I seriously read literally read all of the time. My room has stacks of books everywhere. I also read the most random books ever haha! I think I might have a problem… 😂

4- I hate being home alone

Being home alone is seriously so scary for me! I always think that someone or something is going to kidnap me haha. I know most people like being home alone, but I can’t stand it!

5- I love to cook and bake

I cook almost everyday! Since I leave school at 11:30, I get to make my own meals when I get home from school. I love to make veggies, chicken, potatoes… ugh just thinking about it all makes me hungry. I love to bake and make my siblings treats, it makes me so happy!

6- I’m a night owl

As you can even probably tell from my post right now, at a pretty late time for a school night, I am a total night owl! I get almost everything done after 8 pm. At night you’ll find me working out, writing blogs, or doing last minute homework ( hehe )

7- I have been writing for a really long time

When I was little, I had soooo many journals. Everyday, I would write in them about my crushes, my day at school, and my friends. It was so much fun to journal. I have kind of dropped the whole idea of journaling since I started blogging, but maybe it’s a hobby that I need to bring back! I love looking at them and remembering what I did each day!

8- Winter is my least favorite season

I know that some people love the winter, and even though it can be really pretty, I’m not a huge fan of it. I can’t stand the cold, and not having any color outside makes me sad! I love summertime, the beach, and warmth! It makes my soul so much happier.

9- I’m allergic to dogs

Isn’t that the saddest thing ever? I haven’t been allergic to dogs until about three months ago. The other day, I pet my dog and my whole face broke out in a horrible rash! I’m so thankful that God made dogs that are hypoallergenic haha!

10- I love big cities

I have gotten the chance to travel to a few major cities the past couple of years, and I am so thankful. Being in urban areas make me feel so inspired and creative. They make my soul happy. This summer, I’m going on a mission trip to New York City, so that will hopefully be another amazing and eye opening experience!

There y’all go! Have a great week, I hope you all have tons of laughter and love this week- cami

Good Enough

Hey everyone! So tonight I was feeling pretty down on myself. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be good enough. Not good enough to share the word of God, be a Christian, and certainly not good enough to have a blog. However, I realized that I’m not perfect, and I shouldn’t listen to the lies Satan puts in my head.

People can judge me or my life based off of what they see on social media. But do they know me? That’s my question. If you don’t know me or haven’t talked to me on a personal level even in the past few months, you don’t know me. I feel like people think they know a person based off of their recent Snapchat or post on Instagram.

Even though I post a lot, I’m actually a very private person. I go through so many things that I don’t even talk about in my blog, because I want them to be personal and special to me. I know that sometimes I post things that raise a brow, but just know that I make mistakes just like you. I’m not going to be perfect or a perfect Christian. No one is a perfect Christian no matter how much we try to pretend. I learn from my mistakes and I grow from them. We all sin and make mistakes, sometimes others mistakes just aren’t revealed to 300 people on a story or post. Sometimes I feel really targeted by others, but maybe it’s just all in my head.

If I’ve ever posted anything that has offended anyone, no matter when it was, I’m so sorry! I’m trying harder to be careful about what I put online or do in my personal time. I want everything I do to reflect God and His goodness, so I’m going to try even harder to follow Him closer.

Honestly, I don’t really do much! I hang out with Sierra, my family, and that’s pretty much it! I don’t party, I don’t go do crazy, sinful things on the weekends. I feel like some people think I do these things, and I want to clarify! I don’t talk to hardly anyone, and I avoid a lot of situations where I feel awkward or out of place because I’m actually really shy!

I think that sometimes my shyness and fear prevent me from a lot of opportunities, but I’m going to try harder to reach out to others and make more friends. Me being shy also makes me seem sort of stuck up, but I promise I’m not! If you see me sitting quietly, I probably actually feel really awkward haha!

So, I kinda wanted to post this to clear things up. I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier, and I saw a quote which said :

God is going to send you places you don’t feel qualified to go. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called!

So, I’m not going to stop blogging or sharing God’s love no matter what. No matter what you do in life, there will always be people doubting you. But God never doubts us, he forgives us for our sins, and is our greatest comforter. Remember that God welcomes all of us into His kingdom, as long as we follow on His path. Life is about growth and perseverance. Not about being perfect. I try harder everyday to do what is right and walk on God’s path, not my own. I hope you all do too. – Cami

Encouragement & Positivity

Hey everyone! Sooo today I’m gonna write a blog about encouraging others, ourselves, and being positive because let’s be real, we are all gonna need some encouragement and optimism to get through the rest of this school year!

Have you ever noticed those types of people who are just so negative? Like the kind of people who never have anything nice or kind to say? Yeah, me too. I think sometimes, we can all be that kind of person. It doesn’t matter if it’s to other people, or to ourselves, sometimes we can all be huge discouragers. Make sure to evaluate yourself and see if you have the tendency of being negative! Being negative is no fun, so let’s all live life in a positive and encouraging way!

The key to encouraging others is our own attitudes. We have to have certain traits to be more encouraging of others. We need to make sure that we have a positive energy, and are a generally happy person! If we are negative, how can we spread positivity? The answer is simple- we can’t. We have to first learn how to be encouraging and positive to ourselves and in our ways of thinking.

There is always joy in the world, so if you are feeling down, just think about all the good! Some good things I think about to cheer me up when I’m sad are Jesus and His goodness, Panda Express, and sitting at the beach. I also would recommend having a bulletin board or photo album that has encouraging notes and happy memories that others have given to you! I have one in my room, and I look at it almost every single day!

If you’re having a bad day, what’s the first thing you think? Is it, “ Oh wow I hate today I wanna just lay in bed for hours. “ or is it “ Wow, today was rough, but it’s going to make me stronger. “ There is always a reason for bad things in life, and we have to be strong and persevere through them. I’m beginning to learn that life is about our mindset. It’s about how we live day to day, and how we think. A ton of little thoughts make up our personalities, which affect our personalities, relationships, and most importantly our faith.

The main way to be a true encourager is to trust in Christ. He is our greatest comfort and encouragement. Through the good times and the bad, we can rest in the fact that he always has a plan, and it is always good. You can also use the power of prayer to pray that you can be more of an encourager!

If you or someone you know is going through a rough time, make sure to yield towards Christ. Encourage others always, and love them as Christ loves us! We also need to make sure to be positive always! If you have any prayer requests or just need advice, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’ll give the best advice and encouragement I can!! Have a great first week back at school, and I’m praying that you can share Christ and His goodness every single day. – Cams

2017 Memories & 2018 Goals



Hey everyone! So I know it’s a couple days into 2018, but I just wanted to post my goals and talk to you about some great things that happened in 2017! So up above you’ll see all of my goals  ( and words I didn’t spell right haha oopsies ) Anyways, I know I have some crazy and seemingly unattainable goals. The point of my goals isn’t to perfectly complete each task, it’s to complete as many as I can and see where they take me! This year, I want to do big things and really make an impact! Some of the goals are unique or a bit strange, but oh well! I’m gonna try to make 2018 a lot better than 2017.

2017 was seriously the hardest year of my life, but there were some amazing things that happened too! So lets take a moment to focus on the good!! I travelled so much in 2017, which makes me feel so blessed. I went to Florida, Tennessee, Saint Louis, Kentucky, and Virginia. I had Sierra as my travel bud for three of the five trips, and I couldn’t of went on two of them without her! Her and I have had a blast, and this year I know we will for sure be conquering Florida, New York City, and Maine or Colorado ( can’t make up our minds just yet ) Who knows where else 2018 will take me, maybe Virginia again? Who knows!

I spent a whole lot of time in Michigan this year. I went to the Dunes probably three times a week in the summer! I also went camping there which was a new and fun experience! I also spent some family time in Ohio,  which was also so much fun considering there’s a new puppy in the family.

I read A LOT of books in 2017. Even though I mostly read cheesy teen romance novels, I still read some books that totally rocked my world! In April, I started this blog, and now it’s my own little corner of the internet! At first I didn’t blog often, but now I blog all of the time! I blogged through the rough times and the cloud nine times, and hopefully this year I will be able to do the same!

In 2017 I loved deeply. I made sure to love everyone as much as possible because we don’t know when we will lose them. It hurts to have a heart that loves with everything it has, but I don’t like holding back my emotions. 2017 was filled with so much heartbreak, but my heart is now stronger than ever, and I’m over being sad!

2017 wasn’t really a significant year, but it was sure interesting. There was never a dull moment. Lets all make 2018 the year filled with laughs, love, happiness, and Jesus. Have a great evening, everyone. I’ll include a few of my favorite pictures from 2017 below.


Vacationing in Virginia 2017


Hey everyone! So as I told you a couple of blogs ago, I am going to be writing a blog all about my trip to Virginia. Even though it isn’t over yet, I still wanna talk about it now.

So I have never visited Virginia before, and it is seriously blowing me away. It is so cozy and the houses are beautiful. There are so many horses and wooded areas. The weather is about twenty degrees warmer than Indiana, and that makes me really elated haha! I love it so much, and hopefully I can be back here in a couple of years for college.

While here, Sierra and I have done a ton of shopping, bowling, and laughing. We always have so much fun together, and I am so thankful that she brings me on all of her trips. I am also thankful for her family, because through it all, they have became my family too. We all have so many memories together, and my life wouldn’t be as great without them.

At night, we always start off with some dance parties. We then always bowl because why not? I also made some money off of stupid bets, which is pretty great haha! To end the nights we all gather for a movie. It is so great to be able to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Sierra is such a great friend, and we have the best of times whenever we are with each other. She is the only person who has consistently stayed in my life ever since the sixth grade. She’s been there for me whenever I’m having problems with switching schools, making friends, or when I need any advice at all. Most friends will only be in our lives for a few years- time will change things and life will change as well- but there are certain people in life that will never leave. Hold onto them and never let go.

I know this blog is super lighthearted, but I just wanted to share with y’all about my trip! I hope your Christmas break is going as well as mine- Cami


Laughing at nothing probably


Shop til ya drop


Getting those strikes ( not )

Combating Insecurities

We all know what insecurities are way too well. Weather it’s looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as too fat or too ugly, making a friend delete a picture because you look bad, or wearing a ton of makeup to cover up our pimples, we all have them! Insecurities can totally dictate our lives if we aren’t careful, and they will consume our thoughts more and more everyday.

I struggle so much with insecurities guys! I’m sure everyone else has their insecurities, too. I struggle with thinking my thighs are too big, my ribs are too wide, and my nose is just weird. I know that when people look at me, they probably don’t even notice these things. Everyone just seems to get in their heads about everything, and it honestly makes me so sad.

Remember that no matter what makeup you put on, or how much weight you lose, you will never be content with yourself until you learn to accept and love yourself just the way that you are. The only way to be truly happy with yourself is to work from the inside out. You have to make sure you have the right mindset first, and then everything else will fall into place.

Another thing that really hits me is that when you are looking at yourself and hating what you see or hating your imperfections, you are hating God’s creation. We are made in His image. He made us exactly how we are supposed to be to properly serve our purposes in this World, and that should make us feel pretty content.

Now, here’s a little disclaimer- loving yourself doesn’t mean you are laying on the couch every single day, eating chips, and watching SpongeBob! Loving yourself means that you work out, eat healthy, and take care of your body because you want it to be healthy. As you all probably know, health will always be one of the most important things to me!

Health is about balance. It’s eating clean one day and then going out to a nice dinner with your family. It’s waking up early and exercising on Monday, and then sleeping in late on Tuesday because your body is tired. Just because we are trying to achieve that healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally indulge in the simple pleasures life has to offer!

In my life, insecurities sometimes totally take over. When I’m feeling sad or insecure, I’ve found that prayer is what helps me the most. Flattery or compliments are nice sometimes, but the security that God brings is a much more comforting thing than compliments from another person. If you have insecurities, it’s okay! Remember that no one is perfect, and everyone else has them too. 1 Samuel 16:17 tells us this :

But the Lord said to Samuel, ” Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outer appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  

This verse comforts me so deeply, and I hope it will comfort you too! Lets all work on the beauty from the inside!! – Cami

Wait… clothes can be an idol?

Good morning!! This post is going to be geared towards the wonderful ladies who read my blogs! So, probably from eighth grade to the end of freshman year, I had a huge problem with idolizing clothes! I would always buy new clothes all of  the time. It was seriously the only thing I would ever spend my money on, which is totally crazy. I was obsessed with picking out my outfits the night before school, and I would seriously spend more time on deciding an outfit than I would on my schoolwork, which is not good!

I feel like there has to be some other girls out there who struggle with this, so I wanted to make this blog. I think for girls it is really hard to get out of the trap of materialism. For me, I just wanted to fit in and make myself seem like I was better than everyone. This really showed how insecure I was!

This year, I really don’t care at all how I look, like at all haha! School is for learning, not for looking like you’re ready to go to a wedding! I think my style has also changed a lot into more of a minimalistic style. I really only like to wear denim, black, gray, white, and the occasional maroon! Having this type of style means I don’t really have a lot of different options when it comes to outfits. This just makes it easier for me to get ready in the morning, which is a huge plus.

Here’s the problem I’m facing now, I have an entire closet full of clothes that I don’t wear! So, I’m thinking about donating basically all of my clothes that I don’t wear or only wear once a year. I know that there are so many people even just in Warsaw that could use some more clothes!

Having idols like being obsessed with clothes makes you feel like you are never good enough. It made me feel like I had to uphold a certain image to be acceptable to other people. The more clothes I had, the more insecure I felt. I just was never satisfied! I always wanted more and more, because it’s in our human nature to be selfish in that way.

I think this showed a immaturity in my faith because it demonstrated that God wasn’t enough for me! I’m so thankful that God opened my eyes to my issue with clothes, and I hope that y’all can learn to have God as your only idol!! God should be the only thing that we truly focus on because we aren’t made for this world, we are made for Him and His glory. Instead of focusing on Worldy things, lets all try to think of ways that we can glorify Him in all that we do!

Also, I’m not trying to say that we should never care about how we look, because it is important to be somewhat presentable sometimes. I’m just saying don’t obsess over it because no one else cares as much as you think they do honestly. There’s also nothing wrong with dressing cute most of the time, you just have to find the perfect balance! Maybe sometime I’ll even do a post including a cute outfit for every day of the week! Have a great day everyone, God bless ~ Cami

The Beauty in Ambition

In life, we often see people who have suchhhh a boring life. They don’t seem to have any real goals or dreams. They simply wake up, go to the job they really don’t like, and then they go home.

This typical and routine lifestyle is one that I am totally, 100% afraid of! Some people ask me why I would be afraid of this, and I can sorta see why. I mean, living a secure and routine life can be very comfortable and easy. BUT I don’t want to live a comfortable and easy life. I want to live a life where I accomplish all of my goals and where I take every risk I possibly can.

In life, I really want to be able to inspire and help others! That’s why I started this blog in the first place… to be heard! I love writing, and it will serve me well in life. I can only pray that my blog will continue to blossom and reach people who I could never reach in real life. Today, I was checking out my stats and realized that my blog has reached over 2,000 different people! Now, 2,000 doesn’t really seem like a big number until you think of it as more than just a number. I like to think of it as me speaking to a crowd of 2,000 different and unique souls. That seriously just blows me away!! So thank you to everyone who has continued to read and support my blog ever since my first one in April!

When I was making my 2018 goals list a couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I wanted to have 5,000 views on my blog by next December… however, considering the net growth that has happened just this month, I think I’m going to go for a extreme number… 20,000 to be exact! I’m for sure going to try my best to continue to put out good content for you all at least three times a week!

So, time for some other goals of mine…

~ I’ve been trying to write a book the past month… and I want to finish it and MAYBE get it published… that’s a big stretch but I am going to be grinding super hard to reach this goal!

~ This year is going to be the year of dedication to fitness for me, this will involve beginning bodybuilding, training for a MARATHON, and trying to become more confident in myself!

~ Another goal is to grow on my social media platforms, simply because that would be awesome. Lets be honest I think everyone wants to get more followers haha!

~ I want to be more adventurous this year. I wanna explore new places and do some new crazy stuff! This year will be all about being spontaneous and doing things that scare me to death.

~ The final goal is of course, to grow with God. I want Him to be my number one motivator for all of this, and all my achievements go to Him because He’s the one who has placed all of this crazy ambition in my heart haha!

So here I am, speaking all of these things into existence. Here we go everyone, lets do this! I hope you all make some crazy goals like me, and then make them happen! If you believe in yourself, you can truly accomplish the wildest of dreams.

I don’t know about all of you reading this, but I feel like I have a big, crazy, and exciting life ahead of me, and I can’t even comprehend what it is holding. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some missions for a while, go to college, write some books, and just inspire others! In life I’ve made it a priority to try and better myself everyday. Some times I fail, but in the long run, it is helping me so much!

Go accomplish all of your dreams and goals starting right now, I believe in you! Who cares if everyone thinks your crazy? The crazy people are the ones who leave an awesome mark in this World!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have a great time celebrating with your families! Remember to surround yourself with people who motivate and encourage you always! Love you all 🙂 xoxo- Cams